Tips and recommendations

Regular maintenance will avoid the risk of intermittent or complete failure of your gas stove or fireplace. And annual maintenance will maximize energy efficiency in addition to enjoying a beautiful flame through the clean glass. Several components of your gas fireplace have a limited life which will be reduced if they are not regularly maintained.

Some consumers tend to let their gas fireplace go up in total failure before calling a service technician. The cost of repair becomes much more expensives because the job of detecting the problem may take more time and spare parts. This often involves a second visit and delays depending on the availability of parts.

After the experiment, the negligent owners of gas fireplaces realize that this is not a good idea to postpone the annual maintenance recommended by ALL manufacturers, by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency and all organisations that have reputation in the field.

Remember that the restoration of a damaged gas fireplace can involve additional costs. Make sure to find a reliable certified gas fireplace technician in your area. You will certainly appreciate his interventions.